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VRES school supplies drop off day

On Wednesday, September 5th from 1-2:30pm,  Van Rensselaer’s PTA is happy to host an opportunity for families to drop off student supplies, sign up for School Banking, and join our PTA!  Please have all of your child(ren)’s supplies labeled, and we recommend having them in a labeled bag of some type.  You will be able to drop off supplies at your child(ren)’s homeroom and then proceed to the cafeteria for light refreshments, information on School Banking, and become a member of VRES PTA!  Please respect the fact that teachers will be busily preparing for the first day of school, so a drop off and quick hello would be appreciated!

Let us know if you have any questions.  Many thanks to Mr. Palmer for working with us to make this happen!  Our hope it that this will alleviate some “First-Day Jitters” and lighten the load for students! You can visit Van Rensselaer Elementary PTA’s Facebook page to RSVP or email vanrensselaerpta@gmail.com.  Thank you!

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