2018 Bridge Competition

This year, Mr. Bryden and 16 students entered the 2018 Model Bridge Competition as part of Engineer’s Week. The Rensselaer team competed against students from 10 school districts. Our team included Elaine Gillan, Devin Krause, Ellijah Andersen-Seymour, Alexandrea Vadney, Lin Wai, Vincent DeThomasis, Areej Chishti, Michael Burdek, Tiarra Dewer, Jacob Tedford, Motasam Alshami, Eh Kyi, Matthew Kahler, Ruslan Kourin, Zo Ko, and Autumn Brown. Students worked tirelessly for 4 months to design and build a model balsa wood bridge to enter in this year’s competition. The competition gives out cash prizes to students and schools in 3 categories for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. I am happy to announce that Rensselaer students won 5 of the 9 awards! A special congratulations to Areej Chishti for winning 1st place in aesthetics, Matthew Kahler and Ruslan Kourin for winning 3rd place for efficiency, Autumn Brown for winning 2nd place for most weight held, and Zo Ko for winning 1st place in weight held (she now holds the first and second best scores in competition history!) and 1st place in efficiency. As a team, we also took 1st place for most weight held and 1st place for most efficient bridges for the 3rd year in a row. Congratulations to the team! Pictured is the bridge team along with Mr Bryden and Mr. Kunker.


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