Congratulations to the winners of the 9th Grade 30-Day Challenge! 

To meet the 30-Day Challenge, students must
  • Maintain perfect attendance/No tardies
  • Pass all of their classes
  • Acquire zero discipline referrals
Students who met the challenge are invited to a Halloween themed pizza party hosted by the 9th grade team.  Money for the party was generously donated by the Alumni Association.
The winners are:

Marshall Anderson
Matthew Bates
Hunter Breedon
Alana Burden
Abigail Davies
Alexis Dominowski
Courtney Dugan
Qua-Vaughn Eason
Jaylee Gier
Erin Gillan
Caleb Goodell
Nicholas Griffin
Ceyonce Hackett
Matthew Hall
Jahmeek Johnson
Ah’Mani Jones
Jada Karlquist
Bella Lieberman
Chelli Lopez
Cameron Mead
Chloe Northrup
Christian Payne
Myo Pine
Sierra Riley
Carrie Salvinski
DJ Sano
Eh Ku Say
Arrianne Shatraw
Eisandar Soe
Hsar Soe
Juan Solomon
Sheila Tanner
Aung Thu
Michaela Villegas
Aung Zaw

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