Student Passwords

We have been working on a way to put student passwords into SchoolTool and we got it working this morning. It’s only done for Grades 4-6 so far. These were the students having the most difficulty. Grade 4 used Clever badges last year  and Grades 5 and 6 has a lot of students that can’t remember their password. To do this, we had to reset all 4-6 student passwords.

To see this info, log into SchoolTool (not the app). Click on your student, then the “User Defined” tab on the bottom right. You’ll see their username, password and a couple other fields we’re not yet using.

Grades PK-3 use Clever Badges to sign in.  If you already picked up a Chromebook or iPad yesterday, we’ll figure out a way to get those to you. Teachers also have access to the Clever Badges.

Students in grades 7-12 should be able to remember their password. If not, send an email to and I’ll reset it and put it in SchoolTool. I cannot send a password through email. It is very insecure.

Dave Howell

Director of Technology

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