Latest information on the start of school

Members of the Rensselaer City School District Community:

We are getting closer to opening day!  We are hearing the excitement from many teachers that miss the kids, and we can’t wait to bring this empty building back to life, even if it is a little different than we are used to.  

We still have a few things to take care of.  We need to know who will want meals when you are on home instruction.  This applies to both students attending and to students that have elected full remote instruction.  If you would like meals for your kids, please fill out the enrollment form so that we can get those meals ready.

We know that there have been many questions about busing.  We have had some difficulty with our bus routing software that has caused delays in this information.  Our hope was to have it out earlier this week.  What we can say is that if you have not moved, your bus stop probably hasn’t changed.  We plan to use the same stops as last year, but each bus will stop at fewer of them resulting in fewer students on the bus so that we can keep only one household per seat.  As soon as we have the detailed information about times and buses, we will share it!

Another common question has been about where students might be able to go to help with remote instruction when they can’t be in school and parents have to go to work.  Great news!  Funding has been made available for the Boys and Girls Club to provide that service for our community!  Please contact them directly to find out how you may be able to utilize this resource.

We need to remind parents that, by law, students who are doing full virtual instruction still need proof of vaccinations or proof of an upcoming appointment to get vaccinated by 9/22/20. Without this information,they can not participate in class.  We apologize for any inconvenience, but implore you to take care of this before students miss any more instruction than necessary.

Don’t forget that the next Chromebook pickup and medication drop-off night is Monday from 3-6pm.  You will want these devices in hand before school starts.  More information is available on our webpage.

More information about all aspects of starting the year is available on our Welcome Back page


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