Phase 2 of Reopening

Members of the Rensselaer City School District Community,

It has been wonderful having our students back in school for these past three weeks!  All of the processes that our reopening team designed seem to be working.  Thanks to all of the parents, students, and staff members that have managed all of this change with collaboration and grace.  Now that we are up and running, and we see what it looks like – we are assessing how we can improve the instructional delivery.  We are excited to see that we can safely bring some more students into the building.

We said from the beginning that the reopening would remain a “work in progress”.  Due to the fluidity of the situation, we will be making changes mid-year that would normally be reserved for summer.  These changes, although sometimes inconvenient, will allow the school to remain in a state of continuous improvement as we learn more and get better at our new instructional delivery models.

With a few changes, we can bring in more high risk students for live instruction during both weeks.  Additionally, first grade is a critical year to building the foundations of reading.  We will begin bringing that grade level in for both weeks in an effort to better build those reading skills.  We anticipate that if we can work out the transportation logistics, we could begin this next phase of reopening as soon as Monday, October 5th.

In order to bring these students in more frequently, we will need to make some other changes.  Buses will need to be rerouted resulting in new runs and stops.  Our sixth grade students will need to shift from our VRES start and end times to our JSHS start and end times to make more room on our buses.  Some students may need to be reassigned to a new teacher.  We know that these changes will cause inconvenience for some parents and do apologize.  With that said, we can all agree that more kids safely in school is a good thing.

As we have more details about bus runs or any other changes, we will share them as soon as possible.  Families that will be affected by these improvements to our plan will be contacted directly.

Thanks to the entire community for the collaboration and flexibility of navigating this pandemic.  We know it isn’t easy for anyone.

As always, if you have more questions, please email me at



Superintendent, Rensselaer City School District

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