Dates and Reminders

Members of the Rensselaer City School District Community:

As we begin to wrap up the first quarter of the 20-21 school year, we have a few reminders for everyone:

Halloween is on Saturday.  It is our responsibility and challenge to make childhood memories in a safe manner.  Please review the NYS Department of Health guidelines of ideas to celebrate safely.  The school has implemented plenty of safety protocols to stop the spread of COVID-19, but it will take the entire community to keep our infection rate low and our school open.

We will hold our annual “emergency go-home” drill on Tuesday, November 3rd (election day).  Don’t forget to vote!  This afternoon will look much like a normal day for bus riders and parental pick-ups, except everything will happen 15 minutes earlier.  Please take note of the time change. 

As a reminder, there will be no school on Wednesday, November 11 as we celebrate Veterans Day.  November 23 and 24 will be parent-teacher conference and remote learning days.  No students will report to school as all instruction and conferences will be conducted remote during these days.

Please refer to the school calendar or the one-page school year calendar for any other date questions.

As families begin to make plans for the holidays, we ask that you keep in mind the NYS travel advisory and related quarantine for travel to restricted states.  Please plan with these restrictions in mind knowing that quarantine protocol must be followed.  We also would like to stress how important honesty and truthfulness are if you find yourself involved in contact tracing.  We have learned of instances in other schools where a lack of honesty in the process has lead to spread, larger quarantine numbers, and school closure.  It is imperative to work together as a community to avoid that situation.

Finally, first quarter grades will be coming out soon.  Most students and parents will see grades similar to what you probably expect.  Students that have not been engaged remotely, however, should be prepared for grades to reflect a lack of participation.  We all understand that remote learning is not the same as in-school learning, but it is not a free pass.  The state requires daily attendance and work must be turned in.  This hybrid system is more work and responsibility for everyone involved.  We need to keep working together to get the most out of it for our students.

Thanks to everyone for working together to keep our kids safe and to overcome constant hurdles to keep learning.  Our community will be #RensselaerStronger together after tackling this as a team and a #fRAMily.    


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