Planning for December

Members of the Rensselaer City School District Community:

Hopefully everyone had a relaxing and safe Thanksgiving break.  We hear that the parent teacher conferences were productive and feedback will help us reframe and improve instructional delivery in this new world of education.  See the message from Mr. Palmer about how we are working to provide more live instructional opportunities in VRES.  Our #fRAMily will continue to improve what and how opportunities can be offered.  Everyone is looking forward to seeing Group 2 (North Side) back in school this week.

Some parents asked about why the weeks switch.  This was the plan to provide equity to all students having access to live instruction.  The weeks will work in a similar fashion around December, February, and April break weeks.  If you need to plan ahead, please refer to the school calendar.  All of the weeks are already posted.

As the infection rate continues to rise everywhere, we need the community partnership in health screening more than ever.  If your child has symptoms, PLEASE keep them home.  If your child will be in school this week, please fill out our weekly confirmation that you understand when students should be kept home.  This is how we know that the entire community understands the process and is critical for health and safety.  Remember that you only have to fill it out once before a student reports to school on Monday.  Screening reminders will be sent out for the rest of the week.  There is no need to complete the form for any week that a student will not be learning in person.

Cheers to a safe, productive, and fun December at Rensselaer City School District!


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