Members of the Rensselaer City School District Community:

We have been informed of another positive case for an elementary student that has been on remote instruction.  There is no new risk or exposure related to this case.

With a quick glance at the upcoming weather forecast, we can see a possible storm on Wednesday night.  So the question will be “What does a snow day look like this year?”  

New York State is permitting schools to pilot the implementation of remote learning as days of school attendance in instances when inclement weather would otherwise have closed school for a snow day.  Some schools have been outspoken that they will continue with traditional snow days.  That sentiment is understandable, especially for those schools that have been able to bring younger students in every day.  Most of ours are only in the building for 4 out of every 10 days.

Our district will treat our first inclement weather day (whenever that happens) as a full synchronous learning day.  For any students on remote learning for the day, the routine should not change at all.  For those that would otherwise be in the building, it will become a remote learning day.  Our teachers will have the option of teaching from their classrooms or from home.  This will provide us an opportunity to practice going fully remote and to improve our processes in the event that we need to do so in the future.  We can evaluate how to handle future “snow days” based on feedback from the first one. 

We continue to see a reduction in students with symptoms in school.   A heartfelt thank you to the families in the community for taking the screening process seriously and helping to keep the school open.  With that said, if your student will be attending in person this week, don’t forget to fill out the weekly screening confirmation before sending them in on Monday.

We have district-wide themed days to have some fun celebrating the holiday!  All students and staff are invited to participate.  It doesn’t matter if you are in the building or logging in remotely.  Let’s have some fun!


Happy AND SAFE Holidays!


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