Welcome Back!

Members of the Rensselaer City School Community,

Happy New Year!  We are excited to welcome back our Group 2 North students this week.  As a reference, parents can always find which group is scheduled for live instruction on the school calendar.  Each week has been scheduled through the rest of the year.

With the increasing infection rate in our area, it is important that we keep our sights on safety in school and be vigilant in continuing with effective precautions to preserve that safety.  Schools are required to report all students and staff that test positive.  Nearly all of these cases have no direct ties to spread at school.  For instance, we were informed this weekend of another high school student that has been remote.  Because we report for remote and in-person students with no designation, it can cloud the reality that we are seeing in our data.

The NYS School COVID-19 Report Card shows that 2 out of every 3 cases that our district has reported were not even in school.  This site doesn’t help the public understand that our district has not yet had any of our school quarantines turn into a positive case.  There has been no evidence of spread at our school thanks to the structured environment and comprehensive precautions that are taken.

Most school districts are seeing similar patterns in COVID-19 related data.  With that knowledge, all districts in Rensselaer County are planning to continue with current hybrid models and closely monitor the situation.  We are collectively working with the Rensselaer County Department of Health to make informed decisions.

Another approach to monitoring the data is the testing related to the NYS Micro-cluster strategy. If our region is designated, our school districts are ready.  The tests have been ordered and training has been arranged.  We will be putting out more detailed information about this process and asking for parental permission soon.  Rest assured that nobody will be forced to be tested without consent.

It is more important than ever to work together to minimize the spread.  Please be diligent about daily screenings before sending students to school.  If your student will be attending in person this week, don’t forget to fill out the weekly screening confirmation before sending them in on Monday.  

We want to do everything that we can to keep school open, our #fRAMily together, and continue live instruction safely in 2021!


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