COVID-19 Update and Planning for Phase 3

Members of the Rensselaer City School District Community:

We have been watching the regional and county “7 day average” infection rate closely since the beginning of the month.  The rate seemed to have peaked over a week ago and has steadily decreased since then.

We continue to see a few cases in the district, but most are not even in the building.  We were notified today of two more cases of students.  Neither of these students attends VRES in person.  All evidence indicates that school remains a safe environment.

This is good news because our VRES team has put together a plan to bring more students back for live instruction.  Last fall, 1st grade numbers allowed us to bring students in both weeks.  We are ready to bring back 2nd grade in the same way, and hope to follow that with 3rd grade soon after.  This grade range selection is focused on the most important years where students are learning to read.  Cautiously optimistic, we have been watching infection rate which has now turned a corner. As the numbers trend back down, we are excited about implementing this shift for our young learners.

Detailed information about updated bus runs and a start date for Phase 3 will be shared as soon as it is ready.  The whole #fRAMily is excited to continually improve what we can offer through this hybrid plan.



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