COVID-19 update and Pick-Up/Drop-Off Tips

Members of the Rensselaer City School District Community:

Our district was informed this weekend of two remote students that tested positive for COVID-19 over break.  These reported cases represent no new risk or exposure in the building.  We were also notified that a substitute teacher has tested positive.  No school-related exposure has been identified in this case.  We appreciate our partnership with the local department of health as they keep us up to date with this information. 

Please know we continue to adjust our hybrid plan to try and accommodate more students in-person instruction.  As we work through this process, we have noticed an increase in traffic during elementary drop-off and pick-up.   Thank you to everyone for being patient.  Please see below a few tips to make those times go more smoothly.  

For drop-off:

  • Please don’t come before 8am.  Early arrival creates a traffic jam before we can even allow students in the building with adequate supervision. 
  • Don’t forget that kids can be dropped off at the auditorium entrance where our staff is ready to welcome students.  If more families take advantage of this, it will speed the traffic up.
  • Please be ready for a quick exit once you reach the drop-off point to help move traffic along.

For pick-up:

  • We don’t begin releasing students until 3pm.  Coming earlier than that will only increase both traffic and wait time.  On most days, all students are delivered to parents by 3:15.  If you show up between 3 and 3:15, your wait will be significantly reduced.

It is understood that everyone is interested in sports sign-ups for the upcoming seasons.  Keep an eye out for more information on that topic.  If you have an elementary student and are looking for some outdoor activities this spring, Rensselaer Little League is open for registrations.

Don’t forget to fill out the weekly screener if your student will be attending in-person instruction this week.  Thanks to everyone for being diligent and working together to make school a safe environment.  The entire #fRAMily appreciates it!


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