COVID-19, Distancing, and End of Year Activity Update

Members of the Rensselaer City School District Community:

We were notified today that a Van Rensselaer elementary student has been diagnosed with COVID-19.  This person was last in the building on Thursday.  All contact tracing has been completed and our elementary nurse has called each household that was affected.

Our reopening team met on Friday to discuss plans to take advantage of the NYS guidance for distance reduction in classrooms.  The team would like to hear any public comments or thoughts on this matter at our Board of Education meeting on Tuesday night.  I will send out a public reminder about this in a few days.  The district hopes to begin moving furniture in preparation for any changes next week with the intention of bringing more students in beginning May 3rd.

Our high school team has been working to plan graduation along with a fun and safe prom based on the recently released NYS guidelines.  The memories made at these events will last a lifetime for our students.  We will do everything we can to make those memories wonderful.

If your student will be in the building this week, please remember to fill out the weekly confirmation of daily screeners.  It is important that we all know when students should be kept home to keep everyone safe and to minimize the number of disruptive quarantines.  Thanks to everyone for the successful teamwork in this effort.





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