First Day Excitement and Reminders

Members of the Rensselaer City School District Community:

The new school year has begun!  There is nothing better than seeing classrooms full of engaged and excited students.  Thanks to all of the parents, teachers, aides, bus drivers, secretaries, maintenance workers, cleaners, and every other title for working together and making it such an enjoyable experience for our kids.

As with the beginning of every year, we do have some logistical things to work on together.

  1. Parent Drop Off – Please remember to have students ready to “hop out” when you arrive at the drop off point and parents should stay in the car.  This will help to keep the traffic flowing for the entire campus.  Parents of students in grades 2-5 should drop off in front of the auditorium so we can keep the line moving for everyone.  Aides will assist students in finding the right place to be.
  2. Water – With the boil water order in effect, it would be helpful for students to bring in water.  We have purchased some bottles so that nobody goes thirsty, but a team effort would work best.
  3. Elementary Bus Changes – We had several cases where students were on a bus and parents were waiting in the parking lot.  This happens a bit on every opening day, but everyone wants this solved by tomorrow.  By now, each of you has been in contact with your teacher(s).  Please reach out directly to them and confirm where the student should be at the end of the day.  This will prevent further confusion, decrease frustration, and improve safety.
  4. Parent Pick Up – The process worked pretty well by the end of last year.  Although there are more students now, we believe that the process doesn’t need to be as chaotic as it was today.  Please remain in your car until and aide comes to you.  Aides have been instructed not to call out any kids from parents that leave their vehicles. 
  5. Chromebooks for Students in 5-12 –  There are still quite a few students that have not completed the process of signing up.  We streamlined the process so that not everyone needs to attend a meeting.  Just visit to register for Chromebooks for all students in grades 5-12. Specific instructions are available on our Welcome Back page.

We have received some questions about after school programming.  We hope to have all of that up and running in a couple of weeks.  All of the new opportunities are certainly exciting.  This is going to be an awesome school year for the entire #fRAMily.


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