Opportunity at Sage College

Parents and Guardians of our 10th-12th Grade Students,

Our 10-12th grade students have been offered a unique opportunity with Sage Colleges. We are partnering with Sage Colleges to offer a visit to the campus during an on-campus activity allowing the students to not only see the campus but attend collegiate events as well. The tentative dates for this experience are November 11th and December 4th. An additional date may be added.

Sage Colleges mandates that each person on campus must provide proof of vaccination. In order to sign up for this opportunity, you must be fully vaccinated. There is a limited capacity and students will be accepted in the order that they register.

If you are interested in participating, please contact your guidance counselor:
Last names A-M: Brandy Cenci bcenci@rcsd.k12.ny.us
Last names N-Z: Chris Labattaglia clabattaglia@rcsd.k12.ny.us.

We look forward to this great opportunity and partnership with Sage Colleges.

Dominick Pitaniello
RJSHS Principal

Posted in District, Jr. / Sr. High School.