Remote Instruction Plan

Members of the Rensselaer City School District Community:

As we prepare for a Tuesday of remote learning for grades 6-12, we have had a few great questions that you may want the answers to.

Can I drop my kids off if this is due to transportation?
We cannot discriminate against those without the means of transportation by giving them an inferior learning environment than those with rides.  Please do not drop off your 6-12 grade students.  They should log on at home and follow the plan for remote instruction.  We hope this is only a day or two.

What about out of district students like CTE, New Visions, and other BOCES programs?
Those programs are providing live instruction and we plan to provide transportation.

Will we still have sports?
Practices will still go on.  The building is still open.  Please know that we may run into driver availability issues as the season goes on though.

Is my student required to attend?
ALL students in grades 6-12 are expected to log into all classes.  Students that don’t log in will be marked absent.  After last year, we know that every student is capable of participating.

What does the elementary busing schedule look like?
Students on buses A,B,C,D,F,G and I should be ready to be picked up in the morning about five minutes earlier than usual if possible.  Students on buses E and H should anticipate being picked up about 20 minutes later than usual.

Students on buses E,H,I will be dropped off approximately 25 minutes later than usual.

This is the plan barring any further unforeseen driver shortages. It avoids a shortage that would have caused us to try and run double runs at both the JrSr high AND Elementary which is hectic, crowded, unpredictable, and less safe.

This remote instruction may or may not extend beyond Tuesday.  We will move back to live instruction as soon as we have enough drivers to do so because students deserve live instruction.  Please expect daily updates on that decision.

If you see a bus driver, BE SURE TO THANK THEM.  They are working harder than ever.


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