Transportation Adjustments – Remote Instruction for JrSr High

Members of the Rensselaer City School District Community:

Thanks to everyone for your patience this morning.  We were able to safely get all of the students in with several drivers missing!

The plan for this afternoon is to send our JrSr High Bus G home about 25 minutes early so that the bus can come back and get another load of kids.  Then the rest of our JrSr High students should get home at the regular time.  For our Elementary students, bus G and Bus E will go home approximately 25 minutes late today.  Parent pick-up will remain unchanged for all students.

We anticipate even fewer drivers available on Tuesday and Wednesday.  At a certain point, we must balance student safety with our dedication to bringing in all students for live instruction.  The thought of sacrificing the quality of education hurts us all, so we consider it a last resort.  We also recognize that remote instruction impacts elementary students even more than high school students.

For Tuesday, 11/16/21, we will pivot to remote instruction for grades 6-12.  All students already have a Chromebook and will be expected to follow the plan for remote instruction.  Students that do not participate will be marked absent.  This will allow us to break the elementary transportation into two runs that will be predictable and not overcrowded.

This remote instruction may or may not extend beyond Tuesday.  We will move back to live instruction as soon as we have enough drivers to do so.  Please expect daily updates on that decision.

If you see a bus driver, BE SURE TO THANK THEM.  They are working harder than ever.

The district has been notified of two students that tested positive.  Please remember to send students to school with a mask and to keep the kids home if they have any signs or symptoms of COVID-19. We will get through this together.


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