Steps Toward Normalcy

Members of the Rensselaer City School District Community:

Our February break is fast approaching.  We see some warmer weather predicted in the next two weeks.  Hopefully this means a return to some enjoyable outside activities.

We have good news related to being outside.  The district has been advised that we no longer need masks outside.  Students outside for physical education, recess, and pick-up can enjoy that warmer weather a little more!

We are excited to say that our program to test students in lieu of quarantine has been a great success so far in the effort to keep kids in school.  This has been a huge step in the right direction in our desire to keep kids in school.

Hopefully we will continue our path to normalcy in short order after February break.  We understand that the state wants to see if there is a surge in cases following the February break.  One tool that we have to mitigate that is home tests.  It has been suggested that parents test students prior to sending them back after break.  Our district has no intention of requiring such testing, but we have been supplied with plenty of home tests for those that would like to.  Parents can now pick up 3 more tests per student at each office.  Elementary parents can also email your teacher to have the tests sent home with students.  JrSr High parents can email to request that the tests be sent home.  

We are happy to report that athletic screening testing has come to an end as high risk sports seasons wrap up.  If we don’t see a surge after break, we may see further reductions in requirements and signs of normalcy soon.  Undoubtedly, that would make for a great spring.

Our COVID-19 cases have been minimal since the last report.  This is the trend we have been looking for! Many schools are shifting away from daily or periodic notifications and we think that is another step in the right direction.  We are still required to report any cases to the state and those are available on the COVID-19 report card if you are interested in monitoring the cases.  As a district, we will shift communication to more student-centric and programmatic focus instead of COVID-19.  This will be another step toward normalcy.

**One last safety reminder – Please be patient and attentive at drop off and pick up.  We often see cars in a hurry, rolling through stop signs, or fighting for parking spots to save a few seconds or minutes.  Our student safety remains everyone’s highest priority, so we ask everyone to do their part in traffic safety.  Thank you!


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