Remote Instruction for 6-12 on Friday

Members of the Rensselaer City School District Community:

We have experienced a shortage of drivers this week.  We apologize for the resulting inconveniences and thank you for your patience and understanding. 

On Friday, 3/25, Grades 6-12 will pivot to remote learning due to an extreme the lack of drivers.  Our few remaining drivers have pieced together a plan to transport our elementary students for the day, but it will require a few adjustments:

For elementary students, bus G and bus B will pick up students approximately 25 minutes late.  Students that are picked up at Broadway & Fowler and at Broadway & Harrison will also be picked up approximately 25 minutes late.  Please have students at the stops on time and do not try to switch stops as busses will be at capacity.  If you have the ability to drop students off, it may help to alleviate any crowding.

In the afternoon, bus G and bus B will return students approximately 25 minutes late.

JrSr High students will be expected to log on and join classes remotely following the remote instruction schedule. Students that do not participate in class remotely will be marked as an unexcused absence, so please be sure to log on.

Students in out-of-district placements will not be affected by this remote instructional day.  Students in AM CTE may ride an elementary bus to school or find another ride to school.  A transport will be available from RCSD to the Rensselaer Educational Center after the elementary runs are complete.  A mid-day bus between RCSD and Rensselaer Educational Center will also be available for students.

Please understand that the district always values live instruction over remote instruction.  This action is taken only out of necessity.  We plan to resume live instruction on Monday.  Thanks to everyone for such a strong community effort through these struggles.


SchoolMessenger Community access

We are excited to announce that community members may now sign up for our SchoolMessenger broadcasts. You can choose which broadcasts to receive, such as Elementary School, Jr Sr High School, Budget, Community Events, Athletics, etc. 

This can be done at  Please share this information with any friends and neighbors that may be interested.

Additional COVID-19 Home Test Kits

For those that would like some additional home COVID-19 tests, we still have an abundance of them in each office.  Parents can now pick up 5 more tests per student at each office.  Elementary parents can also email your teacher to have the tests sent home with students.  JrSr High parents can email to request that the tests be sent home.  PLEASE do not reply to this email for the request. 


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