Partnership in Safety

Members of the Rensselaer City School District Community:

We experienced a situation today that I have not seen before.  One of our students let two students from another school into the building so that they could fight two of our students.  We work hard to keep the building locked and safe for the school day, so circumventing our sign in process to let people in is a serious breach of security. 

These students were able to meet our students and engage in a fight.  One staff member was also injured in the process of breaking the fight up. The intruders immediately fled the building and drove away.  Unfortunately, we were not fully aware that we had intruders until the fight was over.  Had we been aware of their presence, the district would have utilized our shelter in place protocol in an effort to isolate them and prevent an incident.  Instead, our team had to piece together what happened and who was involved by reviewing video after the incident.

We are sharing the details of this event with the community and asking that you partner with us in reminding students that letting outsiders in the building compromises the safety of everyone in the building and the consequences of those actions will reflect accordingly.  We all need to work together to provide a safe and productive learning environment for our #fRAMily.

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