Safety Update

Members of the Rensselaer City School District Community:

Thanks to everyone that came out and supported our drama club this weekend.  The students put on a great rendition of “Freaky Friday”.  Seeing their passion and joy during and after the performance is always heartwarming. This event was a true sign of normalcy. 

After the events of last week concerning building safety, we will be holding a special Board of Education meeting on Thursday, 4/7 at 6:30pm.  The administrative team in conjunction with with SRO and our Questar III safety officer plan to present on many aspects of safety at that meeting.  We will review policies, discuss building security, digital security, student interactions, and mental health needs.  Interested parents, students, and staff are invited to join us at 5:45pm in the LGI for a “coffee talk” in small groups and discuss school climate and safety concerns that anyone would like to share.  Community engagement is critical in any effort to enhance the culture and ownership of safety.  If the state is able to release their budget early this week, we also hope to adopt a 2022-23 budget for public vote.

As an update to the events of last week, the intruders were both positively identified and are being processed through legal channels.  Thanks to the Rensselaer City Police Department for their strong partnership, elevated presence, and continued assistance every step of the way.  Our district is certainly in good hands with our partners in safety.  Our JrSr High School employees also held a meeting after school on Thursday to discuss potential process improvements and some proactive strategies to try and prevent similar situations in the future.  We all need to work together to provide a safe and productive learning environment for our #fRAMily.

One of the consistent themes when discussing incident response is communication.  Please be sure to sign up for emails and texts through SchoolMessenger to ensure that you receive important communications. 

If you know anyone interested in driving a bus, please send them to us.  If you see a bus driver, please thank them for what they do! 


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