Welcome Back!

Members of the Rensselaer City School District Community:

Welcome back from spring break!  It was great to see all of the smiling faces and hear the chatter about everyone’s time well spent last week. There were plenty of stories about quality time with friends and family.

Thanks to everyone for your continued understanding about our occasional bus delays.  Bus B will be about 25 minutes late on Tuesday morning for both JrSr High and VRES again.  Our entire #fRAMily appreciates the community support and teamwork as we struggle with the driver shortage.  

As we are all enjoying the journey back to normalcy, we have been keeping an eye on our county COVID-19 numbers.  The community level is considered high again.  Rensselaer County has no plans to implement a mask mandate at this time.  The school will continue our layered mitigation strategies which include cleaning, disinfecting, distancing when practicable, sending home sick students, optional masking, and testing of contacts.  These strategies have proven successful so far.  As we all continue our partnership in safety to productive learning environment for our #fRAMily, everyone wins.

Communication is critical in any partnership.  Please be sure to encourage friends and family to sign up for emails and texts through SchoolMessenger.  This ensures that you receive important communication sent out by our district. 

If you know anyone interested in driving a bus, please send them to us.  If you see a bus driver, please thank them for what they do! 


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