Budget Information

Members of the Rensselaer City School District Community:

Happy Mother’s Day!  Thanks to all of the mothers and mother figures out there that provide love, support, and guidance to families and friends.  We appreciate you.

All school districts are in the annual budget season again.  Everyone knows that our district has been struggling with a revenue deficit for the past few years.  We are happy to share that the district is almost out of the woods.  A combination of community support, state aid increases, and federal money have helped make huge strides in closing the gap.  

The annual budget newsletter was put in the mail last week.  If you didn’t get it Saturday, we would expect delivery on Monday.  Any information that you can’t find in there should be available on our comprehensive budget page.  The district is seeking a 5.9% tax increase with the expectation that fiscal stability will be achieved.  Our long-range financial outlook has improved significantly in 3 years.  Please see all of that information on our budget page.  You are invited to join us at the annual budget hearing at 6pm on Tuesday, 5/10 in the LGI.  We look forward to sharing information with interested community members.

If you have any questions about the budget, please feel free to contact me directly.  We pride ourselves in the comprehensive information and fiscal transparency that we offer.  An informed community is a powerful resource.

Please be sure to encourage friends and family to sign up for emails and texts through SchoolMessenger.  This ensures that you receive important communication sent out by our district. 


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