Budget Vote

Members of the Rensselaer City School District Community:

REMINDER:  Don’t forget to vote on the school budget on Tuesday from noon until 9 p.m. in the auditorium lobby! 

Thanks to everyone that has emailed, called, attended board meetings, and joined me for coffee in an effort to get questions answered.  Informed voters are a powerful community resource.  It is important to model this civic duty for our kids.  Together, we can teach them how to cast an informed vote so that they are engaged citizens when they grow up.

We were informed today that some people have, unfortunately, not received the newsletter in the mail.  Please remind your friends and family to vote and remind them that all budget information is available on the school website.  Also, please be sure to encourage those same people to sign up for emails and texts through SchoolMessenger.  This ensures that everyone receives important communication sent out by our district.

We hope to see a great turnout for vote day!



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