Confronting Tragedy

Members of the Rensselaer City School District Community:

Every time we hear about another school shooting like the one that occured in Texas yesterday, we are all filled with emotions and confusion.  Students, staff, and parents may feel sadness, fear, anger, or some combination of these.  In these moments, we need the support of each other even more.  Our school has put together a collection of resources to help everyone through some of the related difficult questions and conversations.

This is also one of those times that we are thankful for our #PartnersInSafety at Rensselaer.  Our local police are in constant contact, on-site, and ever present.  Our county law enforcement is a short call away.  We practice security protocols throughout the day.  Our tight-knit community knows that if you “see something, say something” so that many incidents can be averted before they begin.  We will get through this together as a #fRAMily.

Timely communication is critical to any safety plan.  If you know anyone that does not receive notifications from the school, please encourage them to sign up at  



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