Great First Day!

Members of the Rensselaer City School District Community:

Happy first day!  It may have been cool and wet, but the smiles in this building could warm any heart today.  Thanks to everyone for bringing the positivity

We found some minor errors in the routes.  Thanks to those parents that kindly pointed them out!  We needed to delete some extraneous runs that had no students assigned, but created some confusion on the reports.  We also realized that bus C has a stop that is sometimes labeled as “Mansions” and sometimes as “River Chase Dr.”.  This created some confusion.

We have some more work to do on the afternoon Pre-K run to make it go faster.  Thanks to everyone for your patience and understanding as we smooth these little bumps out.  I can confidently say that today went much smoother than our opening day last year!  Please see the minor updates below:

We still have a few students that have not registered for Chromebooks.  If your student(s) in grades 5-12 did not have the devices in class for the first day, please complete the following:

If you have trouble following the instructions on the page, we are holding an in-person help session TONIGHT from 6-7:30pm outside the Auditorium.  

Happy first day!


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