LockOUT Update

Members of the Rensselaer City School District Community:

We have been updated on the assessment of the unspecified threats today that initiated our LockOUT.  At this time, the multiple threats to school districts are NOT believed to be credible. The multiple-agency investigation is still underway in an effort to best understand the entire situation and everyone that may have been involved.

In an abundance of caution, RCSD will remain in LockOUT for the remainder of the day and plan for a normal dismissal today.  Our #PartnersInSafety, Rensselaer City Police have stationed additional officers in an effort to help ease tension and calm nerves.  This will allow for time in case any new information should come to light as a result of the ongoing multiple-agency investigation.  If any new information is available, we will provide another update.

We know that in light of recent national incidences, this process certainly can create anxiety in our building and our community.  We thank the Rensselaer Police Department for the open communication, excellent responsiveness, and tight partnership that helps to ensure our safety.  We also thank our parents.  Despite the tension and desire to be with their children, our entire community actively participated as #PartnersInSafety by NOT coming to school and trying to pick up kids during the lockOUT.  We truly appreciate this cooperation and faith that we are providing the safest environment possible for the children of Rensselaer.  Again, we plan to have a normal dismissal with additional police presence. 


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