Activities and Clubs

School Band and Chorus (Grades 4-6 students)

  • Students in grades 4-6 can participate in our music program.
  • Students gain an appreciation of music through the playing of an instrument or by singing
    in the chorus. Students attend lessons and perform at concerts throughout the school

Minecraft Club (Grades 5&6)

  • Minecraft Club is a club for 24 fifth and sixth grade students, offered on a first come,
    first serve basis.
  • Students explore, create, and collaborate in various Minecraft worlds.
  • Two sections of Minecraft Club are offered each year; one from September through
    December, the second from January through April.

Student Council

  • Student Council is a group of students who are elected by their classmates to do
    community service for the school and local community.
  • The Student Council is comprised of two representatives from each 5 th and 6 th Grade class
    and one representative from each 4 th Grade class.
  • Some of the activities the Student Council participates in each year include the annual
    Van Rensselaer Elementary School Spelling Bee, Make-A-Wish’s Adopt-a-Wish, toy drives
    and drive to increase recycling at the school.

Odyssey of the Mind

  • Odyssey of the Mind is a hands-on program for kids and hands-off for adults.
  • For the long term portion of this program, the students select a problem to solve, write
    the script, create all props, backgrounds, and costumes, and compete/perform in front of
    a panel of judges.
  • Throughout the year, the team will also practice spontaneous problems.
  • This is where the team will be given a verbal, hands-on, or verbal/hands-on situation.
  • The students need to work together in just a few short minutes to creatively solve the
    problem or answer the question.
  • Teamwork, creativity, and improvisation are extremely important.