Dominick Pitaniello, RJSHS Principal

Bob Martinelli, RJSHS Assistant Principal

Will DeRuve, Dean of Students

Ann Marie Coulombe, RJSHS Secretary

Transportation Delays

Members of the Rensselaer City School District Community: In the past week, we have been fortunate to experience fewer COVID-19 cases.  Hopefully this is a new trend for the city. With that said, we anticipate this will be a very difficult week concerning transportation.  We are short several drivers for various reasons.  Our transportation department […]

Opportunity at Sage College

Parents and Guardians of our 10th-12th Grade Students, Our 10-12th grade students have been offered a unique opportunity with Sage Colleges. We are partnering with Sage Colleges to offer a visit to the campus during an on-campus activity allowing the students to not only see the campus but attend collegiate events as well. The tentative […]