Reopening FAQ

Reopening Plan Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the plan to reopen schools in September?

The plan to reopen our schools is submitted, but continuously being improved.  Several stakeholder committees met weekly to review guidance from the New York State Education Department (SED) and the New York State Department of Health (DOH) and developed the safest plan that we think our district can provide. Due to the appropriate safety measures required (e.g., social distancing, screening), the two options currently available to us are:

  1. A hybrid schedule to reduce daily capacity in buildings and buses (i.e., half of students on each week Monday through Thursday, with at-home learning on Fridays for all students to allow for cleaning and sanitization), and
  2. fully remote learning.

What would that schedule look like?

Will students and staff be screened for COVID-19 symptoms?

Yes, all students and staff will be screened for COVID-19 symptoms daily and individuals with symptoms will be separated and sent home. The district will implement the following practices to conduct mandated health screening:

  • A parent or guardian will be asked to screen their child(ren) for COVID-19 symptoms each day prior to sending them to school. Parents should check their child’s temperature daily and keep them home if they have a temperature of 100.0°F or greater.
  • For students, daily temperature check and screening prior to boarding the bus, or upon arrival at their designated entrance.
  • For staff, daily self-reported temperature checks and completion of the screening questionnaire.
  • Records will be maintained according to guidance and regulations.
  • If an individual has a temperature of 100°F or greater or has a positive response to a screening question, they will be isolated from others and immediately dismissed from school for evaluation by their health care provider.
  • If an individual develops symptoms during the school day, they will be isolated from others and immediately dismissed from school for evaluation by their health care provider.
  • If an individual develops symptoms outside of school, they should not report to school and immediately contact their medical provider.

Staff and students should not enter schools or district buildings if any of the following screening criteria apply. The individual is:

  • Sick or has been sick with COVID-19 symptoms in the past 14 days. Symptoms to watch for: fever (100.0°F or higher), cough, shortness of breath/difficulty breathing, chills, muscle pain, headache, sore throat, new loss of taste or smell.
  • Has a confirmed case of COVID-19 or has been in close contact with a person with a confirmed case of COVID-19. These individuals must follow all isolation and quarantine guidelines from the local health authority or their physician.
  • Has a household member who is awaiting COVID-19 test results, or who is awaiting their own test results.
  • Has traveled internationally or on a cruise in the past 14 days, or has traveled to a state that requires a 14 day quarantine. These individuals must follow current CDC self-quarantine recommendations: View the current CDC recommendations.

Any student or staff member with a fever of 100°F or greater and/or symptoms of possible COVID-19 virus infection will not be permitted to come to school.


Will students and staff be required to wear masks all day?

Face coverings over the nose and mouth will be required for most of the school day, especially when entering/exiting the school (and the bus) as well as walking in the hallways. Basically, if someone is moving they must be properly wearing a mask. However, when students are seated and socially distanced during meal or instruction time, the school has chosen to follow the guidance in not requiring masks.  The culture in each room should also be responsive to the unique needs of the people in that room at the time.

We strongly encourage that your child practices wearing a face covering at home before the start of the school year. Please reinforce with your child that the new mask requirement is to ensure the health and safety of all students, staff and their families. Here are some helpful resources:

Individual needs regarding face coverings will be addressed on a case-by-case basis. If you have concerns about your child wearing a face covering for medical reasons, please contact your child’s school principal.


Will masks be provided?

Students are expected to have a mask of their own before returning to school. The District will also keep disposable masks available on an as needed basis.


What is the maximum number of students in a classroom?

The number of students and adults in a room will vary based on the available square footage of each room. We determine the maximum capacity of each room while ensuring sufficient social distancing with desks spaced six feet apart per CDC guidelines.


Can I choose homeschooling or remote learning for my child(ren)?

Yes, homeschooling and remote learning for the 2020-21 school year are options if you do not feel comfortable sending your child(ren) back to school in September. Please note that there are differences between homeschooling and the remote learning we had in the spring, such as:


Homeschooling Remote Learning
Responsibilities The parent/guardian is responsible for all aspects of the child’s education including: planning lessons that correspond with NYS standard school curriculum, securing the necessary instructors and materials (computer, books, tests, etc.), and reporting on a quarterly basis in addition to a final yearly assessment.Get more information about home instruction regulations and the Individualized Home Instruction Plan (IHIP) that must be submitted by parents. Here is additional information about the required IHIP. A New York State certified teacher is responsible for all aspects of the child’s education including: planning lessons that correspond with NYS standard school curriculum, reporting on a quarterly basis and a final yearly assessment. The parent/guardian is responsible for ensuring their child logs attendance in virtual learning, engages with their teacher and completes the required assignments.
Instructional Materials Instructional materials/equipment are not provided (e.g., curriculum, textbooks, computer, tests). Instructional materials/equipment are provided by the school district.
Diploma Requirements (High School Only) At present, residents of New York State may not use a high school program of correspondence study (i.e., homeschooling) to meet the requirements for a secondary education in New York State. This means that courses completed may not be accepted as credit toward a diploma should you choose to re-enroll your child in public school. High school-level home schooled students do not receive a diploma, however a parent can request a letter that certifies they completed all their home instruction requirements. One will be given after the materials are reviewed. All secondary curricula are designed to meet state diploma requirements and therefore credits received count toward a diploma.

If you feel that your child needs fully remote learning, please call Tracy Foust at 518-465-6440  as soon as practical to help us plan for class sizes

If homeschooling is your preference, please submit a letter of intent to the superintendent’s office.