Meet The Board

Lark Rutecki, President

TERM July 2019 – June 2024

Jennifer Haggerty, Vice President

TERM July 2018 – June 2023

Jennifer Haggerty has lived in the City of Rensselaer for 25 years and is also married to a life long resident, Mr. John Haggerty. John and Jennifer have a 7 year old son Rocco who attends first grade at Van Rensselaer Elementary. She has been a member of the Rensselaer School Board since 2018. Jennifer currently works for New York State Office of Addictions Services and Supports and has 23 years of experience providing direct services to youth and families. She also serves as a board member of the Questar III BOCES school board and president of the Rensselaer Little League. She has always been passionate about children and education. Jennifer truly believes the children of Rensselaer are our most precious asset and that the world can be very challenging for them to navigate. School has the greatest responsibility and opportunity, second to families, to influence them. It is her highest priority to give them a solid educational base, foster growth and contribute to their success.

Dana Endres

TERM July 2019 – June 2024

Dana Endres is a lifelong resident of Rensselaer. Her and husband Eric raised their two daughters in the city and sent them both to Rensselaer City School District. Currently working for St. Peters Health Partners, she oversees Non-invasive Cardiology, PFT, EEG and CardioPulmonary Wellness programs. Eric and Dana are heavily involved in our city. Eric is a member of the common council and volunteers his time with Rensselaer High School softball program, they are both actively involved in Rensselaer Girls Softball, and Dana has been a member of the Rensselaer School Board since 2013. Their family strongly believes in the value of a strong investment in our youth, especially the youth of Rensselaer.


Stacy Hover

TERM February 2021 – May 19, 2021

Stacy Hover has two children in the district. Her son will be graduating this year and moving on to his next chapter, earning a degree in Occupational/Physical Therapy. Her daughter is in Rensselaer Middle school, 8Th grade. She also has two step-children, one graduating college this year with a Criminal Justice degree, having previously graduating from Rensselaer High School, and the other a senior in the High School. Since her children were young, she has tirelessly volunteered her time in the City in various roles. Coaching at the Rensselaer Little League, Rensselaer CYO, Treasurer for the PTA, and with Girl Scouts. Stacy has attended just about every class party, school dance, and field trip, as well as sporting events. She feels the best way for a brighter future, is to raise our future leaders with a solid foundation. Educate their mind, but also their soul and character.

James Preston

TERM July 2020 – June 2025

James Preston is a lifelong resident of Rensselaer, and wife Melissa has also lived here for the past 20 years. His two children Luke and Madeline both attend Van Rensselaer Elementary School in 4th and 2nd grades respectively. For the past 10 years he has served the Department of Homeland Security for TSA at 8 Airports as a Tier 2 Enterprise Network engineer. James served Honorably in both the United States Marine Corps (88-93) and United States Navy (95-96). Between 2004 and 2008 he supported The United States Army in Both Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom for 3 Years, serving in Iraq, Afghanistan and Kuwait.
James has served on the Board since July of 2020, he ran for the seat because as a parent of students, a taxpayer and friend to many teachers and staff of the district he felt he could bring a well rounded perspective to the challenges we are currently facing.