Who To Contact


Superintendent’s Office

Joseph Kardash, Superintendent

Shailyn Payton, District Clerk


518-465-7509 EXT:4101




If you have questions or concerns with transportation:


Bus Garage

Charles Thomas, Dispatcher




If you have questions or concerns with School Registration: 

Guidance Office

Tracy Foust, District Registrar

518-436-8561 ,  Extension: 3401



If you have questions or concerns in regards to Pupil Personnel Services:

PPS Office

Brenda Headley, CSE Secretary 

518-465-6440 EXT 6305



If you have to call in an absence (any grade level) or have attendance concerns please contact: 

Attendance Office

Jay Foust- District Attendance Officer

Attendance Hotline- 518-436-8564



If you have questions or concerns regarding technology or with your child’s Chromebook:

IT Department

David Howell – Director of Technology

Ezra Neal- Network Administrator




If you have questions or concerns regarding Title IX or DASA:

PPS Office

Dr. Amy Prabhakaran – Director of Pupil Personnel Services

518-465-6440 Ext. 6001



If you have questions regarding Van Rensselaer Elementary School please find your area of concern through grade level and subject then contact that individual:


Van Rensselaer Elementary School

Phone number: 518-436-4618

FAX- 518-436-4692


VRES Office

Principal – Jeffrey Palmer

Christine Jevons, Secretary


518-436-4618 Ext 1003


Discipline or student concerns:

Eric Ferrone – Dean of Students


518-436-4618 Ext 1201


School Nurse  

Emily LaDuke, RN, Extension: 4121

Email- eladuke@rcsd.k12.ny.us




Medea Jones – mjones@rcsd.k12.ny.us

Kim Mooney- kmooney@rcsd.k12.ny.us

Michelle Parella-Forrest (CEO Teacher) – mparella-forrest@rcsd.k12.ny.us



Theresa Deso- tdeso@rcsd.k12.ny.us

Rita Fisher- rfisher@rcsd.k12.ny.us

Dawn DeJulio- ddejulio@rcsd.k12.ny.us

Christina Lane- clane@rcsd.k12.ny.us


Grade 1:

Alys McAdoo- amcadoo@rcsd.k12.ny.us

Heidi Blake- hblake@rcsd.k12.ny.us

Michelle Belvedere – mbelvedere@rcsd.k12.ny.us

Sarah Agans- sagans@rcsd.k12.ny.us

Tara Kyer- tkyer@rcsd.k12.ny.us


Grade 2:

Shannon Kerr/Kendra Hadden – skerr@rcsd.k12.ny.us / khadden@rcsd.k12.ny.us

Kristin Gentile- kgentile@rcsd.k12.ny.us

Morgan Wyman- mwyman@rcsd.k12.ny.us

Annemarie Spencer- aspencer@rcsd.k12.ny.us


Grade 3:

Matt Nunziato – ELA-  mnunziato@rcsd.k12.ny.us

Jackie Lindemann – Math- jlindemann@rcsd.k12.ny.us

Kelly Clum – Science & Social Studies- kclum@rcsd.k12.ny.us

David Martyn – Math & Science- dmartyn@rcsd.k12.ny.us

Tricia Nixon – ELA & Social Studies- tnixon@rcsd.k12.ny.us

Hannah Gillis- Teacher – hgillis@rcsd.k12.ny.us


Grade 4:

Abby Alix-Hansen – ELA- aalix@rcsd.k12.ny.us

Janelle Endres – Math- jendres@rcsd.k12.ny.us

Kristin Crouch – Science & Social Studies- kcrouch@rcsd.k12.ny.us

Ann Gillin- agillin@rcsd.k12.ny.us


Grade 5:

Meghan Alonzo – ELA- malonzo@rcsd.k12.ny.us

Brad Endres – Math- bendres@rcsd.k12.ny.us

Ryan Debrosky- rdebrosky@rcsd.k12.ny.us

Amy Mooney – amooney@rcsd.k12.ny.us


Grade 6:

Marylou Gumbs – ELA- mgumbs@rcsd.k12.ny.us

Michael Quinn – Science & Social Studies- mquinn@rcsd.k12.ny.us

Ryan Debrosky- rdebrosky@rcsd.k12.ny.us

Connor Gray – cgray@rcsd.k12.ny.us 


Special Classes:

Chelsea Pekala (1-2)- cpekala@rcsd.k12.ny.us

Rachna Shankar (K-1)- rshankar@rcsd.k12.ny.us

Kristin Alonzo (3-4)- kalonzo@rcsd.k12.ny.us

Megan Malette (4-6)- mmalette@rcsd.k12.ny.us


Reading & ENL Support:

Tammy Verhagen- tverhagen@rcsd.k12.ny.us

Pam Goodwin- pgoodwin@rcsd.k12.ny.us

Nicole McNamara- nmcnamara@rcsd.k12.ny.us

Pauline Chichester- pchichester@rcsd.k12.ny.us


Math :

Sarah Hurley – JSHS Class(es)- shurley@rcsd.k12.ny.us


Special Areas:

Jeff Darrah – PE- jdarrah@rcsd.k12.ny.us

Krista Sousa – PE- ksousa@rcsd.k12.ny.us

Anna Bruno – PE- abruno@rcsd.k12.ny.us

Rob Hosley – Music- rhosley@rcsd.k12.ny.us

Jane Platania – Library- jplatania@rcsd.k12.ny.us


If you have questions regarding Rensselaer Junior/Senior High School please find your area of concern; alphabetical order, grade level & subject and then contact that individual:

Rensselaer Junior/Senior High School

Phone Number- 518-436-8561   

FAX- 518-436-8563


Principal- Dominick Pitaniello

Ann Marie Coulombe, Secretary


518-436-8561 Ext 3002


School Nurse  

Tammy Slingerland, RN, School Nurse




Beach, Jodie- English 9, English 10-  jbeach@rcsd.k12.ny.us

Beiter, Scott- Science 8, ES Labs, General Science- sbeiter@rcsd.k12.ny.us

Boland, Lisa- Living Environment, Living Environment Lab lboland@rcsd.k12.ny.us

Britton-Smith, Laurie- Foundations, Self Cont. Global 9/10, Living Environment, Resource, English 9/10 lbritton-smith@rcsd.k12.ny.us

Bryden, Ed- Intro To Design I, PLTW 8x, Introduction to Design II, PLTW 7, Int. English 12 ebryden@rcsd.k12.ny.us

Capozzola, Barbara- AE English 12, AE Contemp, AE Gov & Eco, AE College Prep Math, AE Seminar, Apex Support bcapozzola@rcsd.k12.ny.us

Charron, Meghan- Foundations of Algebra, Math 8 mcharron@rcsd.k12.ny.us

Connor, Kelly- Global History 9, Global 9, kconnor@rcsd.k12.ny.us

Curran, Jonn- Earth Science, Earth Science Lab, General Earth Science jcurran@rcsd.k12.ny.us

Danz, Deb- Basic Geometry, Living Environment Lab, College Prep Math, Resource, Universal Skills ddanz@rcsd.k12.ny.us

DelCarmen, Shannon- Spanish 7, Spanish I sdelcarmen@rcsd.k12.ny.us

Discipline or student concerns: DeRuve, William- Dean of Students wderuve@rcsd.k12.ny.us

Frasco, Laura- Global History 10, Eco, CTE Gov. lfrasco@rcsd.k12.ny.us

Gustafson, Cindy- Chem Lab, Adv Biology, Chemistry- cgustafson@rcsd.k12.ny.us

Hillerman, Robert- Social Studies 7, Keyboarding 7, Current Events rhillerman@rcsd.k12.ny.us

Hine, Matthew- Living Environment, Foundations, English 9, Resource, Global 9 mhine@rcsd.k12.ny.us

Hoffman, Rob- US History, Intro to Law, rhoffman@rcsd.k12.ny.us

Hurley, Sarah- Basic Geometry shurley@rcsd.k12.ny.us

Jenner, Heather- ELA 8 hjenner@rcsd.k12.ny.us

Joyce, Dan- Resource, English 11/12, US History, General Science djoyce@rcsd.k12.ny.us

Kent, Tessa- Studio Art, Art 7, Advance Art, Art 8 tkent@rcsd.k12.ny.us

Kunker, Karl- PLTW 7, College Prep Math, CC Algebra Lab kkunker@rcsd.k12.ny.us

Leonard, Jen- English 8, English 10, jleonard@rcsd.k12.ny.us

McGough, Mike- Lessons, Concert Band, Jazz Band, Music Theory, 7 & 8 Grade Band, Music 8 mmcgough@rcsd.k12.ny.us

Mouawad, Jessica- ELA 7, Science 7, Math 7, Social Studies 7, jmouawad@rcsd.k12.ny.us

Murphy, Meghan- Foundations of Algebra, Math 7, Math 7 mmurphy@rcsd.k12.ny.us

Murray, Kristin- Contemporary Issues, Social Studies 8, kmurray@rcsd.k12.ny.us

Preston, Joel- PE Boys 7, HS PE, jpreston@rcsd.k12.ny.us

Ryan, Roberta- English 8, Science 8, Resource 8, Social Studies 8, Math 8 rryan@rcsd.k12.ny.us

Schacht, Jackie- CC Algebra II, CC Algebra jschacht@rcsd.k12.ny.us

Seagle, Charles- ESL Grade 7 cseagle@rcsd.k12.ny.us

Shanahan, Vanessa- English 10, CC Algebra, Earth Science, Global 10 vshanahan@rcsd.k12.ny.us

Sharlow, Kate Living Environment Lab, Science 7 kfoley@rcsd.k12.ny.us / emorier@rcsd.k12.ny.us

Sklar, Deb- Spanish I, III and IV, 9 dsklar@rcsd.k12.ny.us

Sousa, Krista- PE Girls 7, Elementary PE, PE Girls 8, kkrause@rcsd.k12.ny.us

Spath, William- HS PE, PE Boys 8 wspath@rcsd.k12.ny.us

Steck, Tricia- English 12 U-Alb, English 11, English 12, tsteck@rcsd.k12.ny.us

Tamburrino, Beth- Common Core Geometry, CC Geo Lab, CC Algebra II Lab, Pre-Calculus btamburrino@rcsd.k12.ny.us

Zimbal, Ashley- Spanish 8, Spanish II, azimbal@rcsd.k12.ny.us


Zobel, Regina- Reading,  ELA, Science, Social Studies, Math, Universal Skills rzobel@rcsd.k12.ny.us